How a Swim Spa’s Versatility Can Improve Your Physical Fitness

Do you love swimming but don’t necessarily have the space for a pool? A swim spa may be just what you need! Swim spas are small enough to fit in most spaces yet spacious enough for the whole family to swim, exercise, and play. Aside from offering many of the same benefits that a regular pool does, they also provide similar hydrotherapeutic benefits you would receive from spending time in a hot tub. If you’re looking for a convenient, fun, and affordable way to improve your physical fitness, we’re here to tell you with what you need to know!

Enjoy a Well-Rounded Swimming Experience

You might be wondering what it’s like to swim in a swim spa. The best way to describe it is as a cross between a pool and a hot tub. The water is kept at a comfortable temperature, so you can swim for long periods without getting cold. And because the current is generated by jets, you remain stationary instead of swimming laps back and forth. With the press of a button, you can easily turn a casual swim into an exhilarating dash. This ease of adjustment means that whether you’re a beginner or at an athletic swimming level, you’ll find a setting that’s just right for you. It’s also an excellent tool for teaching kids the basics of swimming. Regardless of the swimming level, anyone can get a session tailored to them.  Some swim spa owners even take the experience up a notch by using Hydropool’s FORM goggles or Water Watch to track their progress with every session. These advanced pieces of equipment provide incredible data that can benefit one’s health and fitness training.  For others, using a tether or flutter board in the water can make the swimming experience more comfortable. These are also great for kids just starting to learn basic skills. All Hydropool swim spas have anchor points, so you can just attach these devices to customize a swim session that matches your comfort level. For more information about the different features of these swim spas, you can get in touch with your local spa dealer.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals At Home

With a swim spa, you can turn your backyard into the perfect at-home gym! Swim spas are equipped with jetted swim currents, which provide a resistance-based workout that can help tone your muscles and improve your cardiovascular health. You can also use the jets to massage tired muscles after a long day. And when you just want to relax, you can turn off the jets and enjoy a leisurely swim. No matter your fitness goals, a swim spa can provide a variety of workout methods, even those that are low-impact.  Some swim spa models from Hydropool even have treadmill technology, allowing you to walk or run while submerged in the water. By adjusting the settings of your swim spa’s jets as you would when creating a customized swimming session, you can have a unique treadmill experience in your swim spa. You can also use water weights and workout bands, which can be easily connected to the same anchor point mentioned above. And due to the buoyancy of the water, you can have the perfect low-impact workout without worrying about pain in your joints! Plus, you can use Hydropool’s Water Watch to keep track of your progress in all these exercises.

Improve Your Health With These Additional Swim Spa Benefits

In addition to being a versatile fitness tool, swim spas also offer many health benefits. The hydrotherapy that comes with soaking in warm water can help improve blood circulation, relieve pain, and reduce stress. In addition, hydrotherapy can provide some much-needed relief if you suffer from conditions like arthritis or chronic pain. Swim spas are also great for people who want to improve their lung capacity or recover from an injury. The warm water and jetted currents make it easier to move around and get the blood flowing. This can be a great way to ease into physical activity after an injury as well.  A swim spa’s versatility makes it a great choice for anyone looking to improve their physical fitness and health. Whether you’re looking for a low-impact workout or want to take your swimming to the next level, a swim spa can provide you with what you need.  To learn more about choosing the best swim spa for your home this season, download our free buyer’s guide.
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