Taking Pool Parties to the Next Level

In a game of word association, the phrase “hot tub and swim spa” will immediately conjure up the response of “party” by the majority of players. And why wouldn’t it? Hot tubs and swim spas become the focal point of any backyard and you’ll find that your family and friends naturally gather around them. But what about taking pool parties to the next level? What can be added to create a social setting that rivals those found at the top resorts or vacation destinations? In this article we cover some of the new developments in backyard landscaping that put the pop in pool parties.

The Swim Up Bar

They’re a major draw at popular vacation resorts and often used by online social influencers to inspire longing and envy. But the swim up bar doesn’t have to be the sole dominion of Las Vegas or the tropics. You can have one in your own backyard. A small set up on the side of your swim spa or hot tub can inspire the feelings of a glamourous vacation. And when the party is in full swing, there will be no need to track water through the house in order to refill your drink.

The Outdoor Kitchen

Where there’s a deck and a hot tub or swim spa, there’s invariably a gas powered or charcoal grill. But why not take things to the next level? Outdoor kitchens are becoming one of the most popular backyard additions. Not only are they convenient when it comes to cooking and entertaining, they remove the annoying need to run back and forth from house to deck when preparing and serving a meal. Adding a refrigerator, sink and some cabinetry to your grilling station will set you up for true al fresco cooking.

The Lounging Area

Although you’ll hope to spend a lot of time in your hot tub or swim spa, the fact is, that you’ll likely be spending most of your time around your hot tub or swim spa, rather than in them. For this reason, the lounging area surrounding the water is just as, if not more, important than the water itself. Ensure there’s a good mix of sun and shade or you may find yourself driven to other parts of your backyard for shelter. A pergola or awning can be a great permanent installation, but even something as simple as a patio umbrella could suffice. Some heavy duty, all weather patio furniture will ensure it doesn’t get blown away in a storm while having the ability to last for years without succumbing to the ravages of the elements.

The Firepit

There’s something to be said about the legendary association of fire and water. And even if you don’t fancy yourself chopping or buying wood on a regular basis, you can still enjoy a pleasing fire with many of today’s propane powered systems. A firepit can make relaxing by the side of your hot tub or swim spa a thing of magic after a soak or swim on a chilly night.

The Entertainment System

Although a hot tub or swim spa can be entertaining enough in and of themselves, adding an entertainment system will only boost the party atmosphere. And let’s face it, you’re probably already using a Bluetooth speaker to bring the music anyway. But an integrated entertainment system will not only reduce your phone’s data usage, it’ll save you the trouble of having to set things up every time you hit the water. Today’s outdoor entertainment systems can be incredibly sophisticated making your single three inch speaker a laughable thing of the past.

Now that you know how to take your pool parties to the next level, learn more about our line of quality swim spa and download a free buyer’s guide below, or visit us at our London pool store.

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