The Depth of Your Hot Tub

Before you can decide on the best area in your backyard for a hot tub, it’s a good idea to figure out all of the measurements. This includes the hot tub’s length, width, height and depth. Knowing all of these dimensions will help significantly with the beginning of your planning!  For example, if you plan to dig a hole for your hot tub, you will need to know the depth and height of it especially. If you’re aware of these measurements, you can better plan out how accessible it will be for those using it. For instance, you want to ensure that every family member can safely enter and exit the hot tub, which depends on knowing its height. But how can you be sure a specific hot tub will work in your backyard? How do you safely plan out the right space? Many of us might not know this, but a hot tub’s height and depth measurements are actually two different things. Likewise, where hot tubs, swim spas or pools are considered, these measurements represent two different things.

Standard Hot Tub Height:

On average, a hot tub will be around 36 inches high. However, there is not a standard hot tub size. Since every make and model will have various options to choose from, you could very well find one that’s 34 inches and another that’s 42. Common hot tub sizes fall within this range, and anything over will likely be custom-made.

Height & Depth:

When measuring the height of a hot tub, you take it from the very bottom to the top of the exterior wall. But when measuring the depth, it will ultimately be the height of the water content. By this, we mean the depth measurement will indicate where the waterline typically ends. But in contrast, the overall height of your hot tub sits around 5 to 6 inches above that line. The difference between these two isn’t overly significant; however, still important to know. When looking at a hot tub to purchase, you might see the description of “a 38-inch hot tub.” However, this means the entire height of the hot rather than the amount of water you will sit in. For a hot tub of this size, the water level will usually be around 33 inches. Because it’s more of a necessity to mention the tub’s height over the depth, some people might assume they’re the same thing. But in reality, the height considers aspects like the pump, filtration system, etc., that take up volume in your hot tub. This is something to keep in mind if, say, you’re something who’s very tall. If you’re looking to be submerged in 38 inches of water, you will actually need to look for a hot tub that’s closer to 42 inches high. This won’t make or break your hot tub experience, but it is something to keep in mind.

The Importance of Knowing:

Considering the height of your hot tub is important for many reasons. One example of this is that a hot tub doesn’t require any steps for people to enter and exit. But if the height of your hot tub is much higher than you anticipate, it could become a safety hazard for people using it. So being aware of the height of your tub also helps you determine how many steps you would need to include if you choose to do so. When it comes to installing your hot tub safely, this measurement is also very important. For example, if you plan on digging a hole for your hot tub to rest in, you’ll need to be aware of every measurement to ensure you can provide enough space for the tub. However, you can feel confident by hiring an experienced and trustworthy professional to install your hot tub. Knowing what it entails to own a hot tub can seem like a lot at times, but we’re here to help. Download our free buyer’s guide, or visit us at our London hot tub store and learn more.
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