The Essentials of Water Maintenance For First-Time Hot Tub Owners

It’s safe to say water is a significant part of the hot tub experience, which is why it’s important to understand water maintenance when buying one for your home. That’s why we’ve put together a guide on the basics of hot tub water maintenance – so you can keep it running smoothly and ensure the water is always at its best! Here’s what you need to know.

Figuring Out How Much Water You Need

When it comes to hot tub water maintenance, knowing how much water your spa holds will help you better understand how to care for it moving forward. In general, a four-person hot tub can hold more than 300 gallons of water. However, the exact amount will actually depend on several factors – including the size, shape, make, and model of your hot tub. If you want more accuracy, you can use a simple equation to determine how much water you need. This equation determines the total depth by dividing the deepest and shallowest parts of the hot tub and then finding its average point. Start by taking note of the width, length, and depth of your hot tub. Keep in mind that the width and length measurements will be the same for round hot tub models. Take these values and apply them here: W x L x D x 7.5. In this equation, 7.5 stands for the number of gallons in one cubic foot. The result you’ll get will tell you how much water you need to fill your hot tub.

How To Fill a Hot Tub with Water

Now that you know how much water you need, the next step is to fill up your hot tub. The most popular way to do this is by using a hose. The process might take some time, depending on the size of your hot tub and how much water pressure you have in your home.  If everything is set and ready, start by attaching a hose to an outside faucet. Once that’s done, open the valve and let the water flow into your hot tub. Remember that it’s wise to set a timer or check in on it periodically, as it shouldn’t take too long to fill.

Maintaining Water Balance and Cleanliness

Now that you know how to fill your tub with water, it’s time to focus on maintenance. This includes keeping the water clean and ensuring that the pH levels are balanced. The recommended range is between 7.2 to 7.8. If your hot tub’s water isn’t within these levels, it’s too acidic or too alkaline. Both can have negative effects on your hot tub as well as on those who will use it. If it’s too acidic, it can cause eye and skin irritation. Additionally, it can damage the main components of your hot tub. When the water is too alkaline, it can turn foamy or cloudy, and there could be scale build-up.  The best way to ensure that the water in your hot tub stays within the recommended range is by regularly using testing kits or strips. Once you know where the levels are, you can then use chemicals like pH adjusters to bring them back to a healthy state. You can consult a spa dealer near you if you have more questions about how to use chemicals for your hot tub. Just remember that it’s normal for the water levels to be a bit off from time to time. It doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong! It simply boils down to the fact that the people using the hot tub and other external elements like leaves or rainwater can alter the state of the water.  Maintaining your hot tub’s water quality is essential to keeping it operational and safe for use. By understanding how much water you need, filling it up correctly, and using the right chemicals, you can ensure your hot tub’s water is always clean and balanced. A little bit of effort goes a long way in ensuring that you and your guests can enjoy your hot tub every time you use it. Download our free buyer’s guide to choose the best hot tub for your home.
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