The History of the Hot Tub

Hot tubs have come a very long way since first hitting the market in 1968. Their inventor, Roy Jacuzzi, took his great uncle’s idea and turned it into a functioning product initially marketed as a self-containing whirlpool bath. But where did his uncle’s idea to create such a thing originate? Let’s take a look at the history of the hot tub and how they’ve evolved into what they are today.

How Hot Tubs Originated

The first idea of a hot tub was in 1948 when Roy Jacuzzi’s great uncle put an aerating pump into his bathtub. After learning that his 15-month-old son had Rheumatoid Arthritis, he decided to use his knowledge and invention skills to create something to help him. Since he and his family made their living as inventors, who originally created water pumps for agricultural purposes, they went on to develop the world’s first submersible pump. Created with the intention of pulling water from the ground to use for agriculture, this pump brought forth the idea of the hot tub years later. In addition, this family was incredibly knowledgeable on hydraulics, which is how they created the first hydrotherapy pump. By using this pump to turn a regular bathtub into something similar to a hot tub, this invention shifted the idea of health and kick-started the wellness industry that we know today. Taking his great uncle’s original pump concept in a bathtub, Roy expanded on the technology and created a whirlpool bath with jets with a 50/50 air-to-water ratio. This hot tub was also known as the Roman and was unlike anything anyone had ever seen. Understandably so, people began raving about the endless benefits the Roman was providing for their health. This design quickly evolved so that it could be used outdoors as a way for people to come together and relax. As something initially created to help with Arthritis, its benefits still include this at the top of its list and countless others.

How Hot Tubs Gained Popularity

Today, you can find hot tubs in different shapes and sizes with unique features and specific benefits. With many therapeutic jet options available, individuals can target specific areas of concern much easier now than ever before. The reason why we can enjoy all of these incredible benefits today has to do with the fact that people observed it as such a revolutionary idea just over 50 years ago. At this time, many individuals who were rather famous began to endorse hot tubs. As a result, big names of the times like Suzanne Somers and Jayne Mansfield ultimately became the brand’s ambassadors. They often provided testimonials on how effective these hot tubs aided in relief and recovery. They gained popularity rather quickly, with countless movies and tv shows frequently showing hot tubs as a perfect place for friends and family to gather.

How Hot Tubs Evolved

Something that was an invention for one little boy with Arthritis has now helped millions worldwide with this same issue and countless others. Hot tubs on the market today provide a range of unique features and can actually hold up to 9 people at once with comfortable ergonomic seating. Starting as an idea that came about many years ago, hot tubs today have completely changed the health and wellness industry. From a simple yet revolutionary product to an industry loved worldwide, hot tubs today offer additions like aromatherapy, LED lights, speaker systems and more. Hot tubs not only work to improve one’s overall physical state but their mental health, too. Providing individuals with benefits such as improved digestion, sleep, blood flow, targeted pain relief and the perfect environment for post-injury recovery, there are more benefits now than ever before. To learn more about all of the benefits that today’s hot tubs can offer you and find the right one for your home, download our free hot tub buyer’s guide, or visit us at our hot tub store.
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