The Perfect Year Round Pool in Your Backyard

A common excuse used by Canadians when asked why they don’t install a swimming pool in their backyard is the fact that we spend half the year or more in sub-zero weather. For many it’s hard to justify the cost and effort required by an outdoor swimming pool when it can only be used for a few months out of the year. But there are alternatives that allow you to have the perfect year round pool in your backyard even if you experience snow and freezing temperatures for the majority of the seasons. Read more to find out about the benefits and advantages of hot tubs and swim spas when it comes to dealing with harsh Canadian winters.

Swim Spas

There are several advantages to installing a swim spa in your backyard, especially if you’re Canadian. For many Canadians, swim spas may in fact be the perfect, year round, backyard pool. They’re fun, versatile and fit into spaces that couldn’t contain a full sized swimming pool.

A Year Round Backyard Pool

Unlike full sized swimming pools, swim spas will allow you to swim all year round. Keeping a full sized swimming pool heated in the depths of winter is an impossibility. However, the reduced water capacity and superior insulation of swim spas makes it possible to keep the water temperature comfortable all year round. In fact, the size and insulative efficiency of swim spas allows the water to be easily heated to the same temperatures found in hot tubs. Not only can you practice your swim stroke throughout the year, you can also benefit from the swim spa’s secondary function as a hot tub.

When Space Is an Issue

And for those who don’t have the space to allow for the installation of a full sized swimming pool, a swim spa gives you the opportunity for a complete swimming workout in a fraction of the area. Swim spas are a mere eight feet wide and range from 12 to 19 feet in length. The powerful current created allows you to swim in place without ever reaching the end of the tank. You can get in a full swimming workout without the need for a full sized tank.

Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are the ultimate year round, outdoor soaking tank. Able to fit into almost any space, hot tubs can work for condo dwellers and country livers all the same. No matter the weather, the hot tub is there to provide relaxation and comfort.

It’s been found that most Canadian hot tub owners use their hot tubs in the winter more than any other time of year. And while the water temperature can be reduced during the warmer months to provide a refreshing place to cool down, it’s the contrast during the colder seasons when the warm water of hot tubs really come into play. A well fitted, properly insulated hot tub cover retains water heat allowing for instantaneous use no matter what the weather. A good hot tub cover will also prevent any unwanted accidents involving children or pets. And although hot tubs are generally known for relaxation and recuperation, athletes have long been using hot tubs for warm up and actual workouts. Those who suffer from balance and mobility issues also find that the buoyant properties of water can help provide a safe venue for exercise. If you’re looking for an outdoor water set up that you’ll be more than happy to use all year round, a hot tub should be at the top of your list.

Now that you know what the perfect year round pool in your backyard is, download a swim spa buyer’s guide below to learn more, or visit us at our pool store.

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