The Water Contents of a Four-Person Hot Tub

There are several things you should consider when buying a hot tub for the first time. Each hot tub has its own unique features, including the size and shape of the spa and the functionality of the jets and seats. When looking at a typical 4-person hot tub, one key piece of information is knowing how much water it can hold.

If we think about a typical hot tub for four people, it can hold approximately 300 gallons of water. Although this might seem like a lot to maintain and clean, you likely won’t need to change this water more than once every four months. The average hot tub water also uses about 1% of a household’s water consumption, which is under 3 gallons per day. But what about the amount of water that your specific spa can hold? How do you find out? Keep on reading to see!

Many Factors Influence Water Content:

Traditional four-person hot tubs are likely to be about the same size; however, there are many little details and specifics that come into play that determine the exact amount. In addition, hot tub dimensions vary from one brand to the next, with various styles, shapes and depths available.

A good rule of thumb when filling your hot tub for the first time is to only fill to the line that indicates the water is at a safe level. This will ensure that your pump, jets and overall system have enough water to function as they should. This indicator considers rising water levels when people enter the tub, so it is a good idea not to fill passed this line. You will ultimately work to avoid water displacement and overflow because of this.

Why It’s Important To Know:

You might wonder why it’s important to calculate how many gallons your hot tub will hold. Once you have figured out the exact amount of water in your specific spa, the simple answer is that you can establish what the associated costs moving forward will be. This includes, but is not limited to, chemicals needed to maintain the right pH levels and cleaning products.

Another important reason for knowing how much water your hot tub can hold is the weight of the overall tub. Of course, once filled with water, a hot tub will be significantly heavier.

It’s important to have a sturdy surface to house your hot tub, and this security goes beyond calculating just the weight of the hot tub itself. This ultimately also includes the weight of the water and a rough estimate of how much the people who will be in it weigh. As a result, many hot tubs require a thick concrete slab or to be buried with support systems. It is a good idea to calculate the overall weight of your hot tub with all of these things included, to determine the best course of action for your specific spa.

Figuring Out How Much Water Is In Your Hot Tub:

Here’s a quick way to find out how many gallons your particular hot tub needs.

Although this might go without saying, you will need to start with an empty hot tub. The next step is to get a gallon-sized jug, a water hose and a stopwatch. Then, you will begin timing as you fill your tub with your hose. This will allow you to calculate in seconds the time it would take to fill your tub for the first time. If it takes, say, 7,200 seconds to fill a tub, then it would be approximately 120 minutes in total.

Your next step would include filling a 1-gallon water jug and calculating how long it takes. Then, divide this number by the time it took to fill the tub with the hose. This will tell you how many gallons your specific hot tub holds in total.

Another straightforward solution would be to ask a salesperson for all of these specific details before purchasing.

Hopefully, now you have a better idea of the importance of knowing how many gallons of water your hot tub can hold. Learn more and download our hot tub buyer’s guide today, or visit us at our London hot tub store.

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