Top Questions to Consider Before Choosing a Hot Tub Size

There are many benefits to owning a spa, and being able to relax after a tiring day is just one of them. But how do you pick the best one, and how do you know which size will be ideal for you and your space?

Among the many options available in the market today, 4-person hot tubs seem to be highly popular. Whether or not a 4-person hot tub is the best choice for you will depend on several factors, such as the space you have, the number of people who will use it and the style you prefer. Instead of just choosing based on size, there are some basic criteria that you can use to help you with your purchase decision. You might want to consider buying a hot tub if:

1. It Provides Next Level Comfort

To truly sit back and relax in a hot tub, comfortable seating is simply a must. After all, comfort is one of the most important considerations when buying a hot tub. You need seats that are designed for maximum relaxation and easy movement within the hot tub.

If you’re looking for a hot tub with a wide range of seating options, you might want to check out Hydropool’s collection. From traditional seats to full-body massage lounge chairs, every choice available boasts an ergonomic design. These seats will allow you to experience comfort and enjoy additional hydrotherapeutic benefits as well. In fact, Hydropool’s Self-Cleaning 790 spa even has a Rejuvenator Seat and a Captain’s Chair included in its seating options. Hydropool also designed their hot tubs with an array of massage zones so that you can get a targeted massage on different parts of your body.

2. The Features Cater to Your Relaxation Needs

A complete relaxation experience includes getting relief from any muscular pains you might have. The jets of a hot tub can help give you this experience, which is why it’s one of the most important feature considerations when buying a hot tub. If the spa you’ve got your eye on has jets that provide relief by targeting specific pain points, then it should definitely be on top of your list.

Hydropool’s collection of hot tubs feature four distinct zones that have the power to effectively relieve pain and help the whole body relax. These hot tubs have an advanced design to target aches or discomfort in different body parts. The first is the “Core Zone,” which works on the shoulders and back. Also designed for the upper body parts, the “Upper Body Zone” gives relief to the neck, shoulders and back. The “Lower Body Zone” focuses on the lower back, thighs and hips. Finally, the “Reflexology Zone” provides relief to the feet and ankles.

3. It’s Both Practical and Sustainable

Another essential consideration when buying a hot tub is its overall functionality. The best choice would be one with advanced features like a self-cleaning function and excellent insulation that can withstand low temperatures during winter.

If hassle-free cleaning is what you’re looking for in a home spa, you should consider looking at Hydropool hot tubs. Each has a self-cleaning function that filters 100% of the water every fifteen minutes. A larger hot tub will be just as easy to maintain as a smaller one because this feature works for Hydropool spas of any size. Think about it: less time spent cleaning equals more time spent unwinding.

Sustainability is another important consideration for any home spa. From 4-person hot tubs to 9-person hot tubs, Hydropool spas can maintain high-quality performance at 100 degrees. They do so for only pennies a day, so they’re cost-effective, too. Made in Canada, these spas are well-equipped for Canadian winters. The high-quality insulation and eco-efficient components of Hydropool hot tubs will allow you to enjoy a relaxing soak, no matter the season. Need more information about the practical and sustainable features of Hydropool hot tubs? Click here.

To sum it up, 4-person hot tubs can indeed be the best option, but only if they suit your preferences and lifestyle. No matter the size or capacity of the hot tub you want to buy, the considerations mentioned here should be a good starting point in making a choice. Hydropool spas tick off the items above because of their advanced features and practical designs, so looking at their collections would definitely be worth your while. If you’d like more details on what you should look for when buying a hot tub, download our free buyer’s guide.

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