Top Tips for Designing Your Dream Backyard

Creating your dream backyard is not just about landscaping and amenities – it’s about setting up an escape that reflects your unique needs and lifestyle. Below, we’ll break down the top ways to design a beautiful outdoor space with your hot tub or swim spa as the main attraction. Here’s what you should know!

Picturing Your Dream Backyard

If you want to create a space that will give you the ultimate hot tub or swim spa experience, it’s good to have a clear vision. It’s like sketching out a roadmap that can help you make decisions confidently, from choosing the right plants to figuring out how to tie all the elements together. To come up with this vision, take some time to daydream and jot down your must-haves. How do you want to feel in your outdoor space? What outdoor activities do you enjoy the most? Are you leaning toward a specific theme? Combining your wishlist with practical considerations, like the available space and your budget, will help you imagine the details clearly. You can even use mood boards, sketches, or virtual tools to map out the layout, colour schemes, and features that resonate with you.

Top Ways to Turn Your Dream Backyard Into Reality

Imagine having a beautiful backyard where you and your loved ones can unwind, spend quality time, and have fun in your hot tub or swim spa. Here’s a simple guide to making that vision come true:

1. Find the best space for your spa

Choosing where to place your hot tub or swim spa isn’t just about where it fits – it’s about where it fits best. Think about the view you want, how much privacy you need, and how it blends with the rest of your outdoor space. Putting your hot tub or swim spa in a spot that’s visually appealing and easily accessible can help you enjoy your backyard oasis to the fullest. You can also reach out to your local hot tub dealer to learn more about finding the ideal placement for your spa.

2. Pick the perfect plants and greenery

When choosing what to include in your garden, consider your climate, sunlight, and maintenance preferences. You also need to think about the overall look and feel you want to achieve. You can also try mixing textures and sizes to add depth and visual interest. 

3. Divide your space into zones

Organizing your backyard into different zones can maximize functionality and appeal. Think about creating designated spots for different activities that you love. Examples include a dining area, a cozy reading corner, or a game zone. When the layout is intentional, your backyard oasis becomes more organized and enjoyable. 

4. Create a seamless look

When designing your dream backyard, it’s important to make everything feel like it belongs together. That means your hot tub or swim spa should blend seamlessly with its surroundings. You can achieve this by using materials that match the outdoor environment. Consider using natural stone or wooden decking to make the transition from your spa to the rest of the backyard look smooth and appealing.

5. Set the mood with sensory details

It’s a great idea to include elements that stimulate different senses. You can add lights that make your hot tub or swim spa more inviting. Adding a gentle waterfall, wind chimes, or soft music creates a soothing background. You can even add scented oils to the mix. This way, you can enjoy a complete multi-sensory experience in your hot tub or swim spa.  

6. Make sure you have multiple hangout spots

Having more than one place to kick back and relax can make your outdoor space more inviting. Consider adding loungers and recliners, perfect for pre and post-soak conversations.

7. Keep your home’s style in mind

You want your outdoor space to feel like an extension of your living area. Consider your house’s architectural style and colours when choosing outdoor furniture, decor, and materials. This will allow your backyard to seamlessly complement your home’s overall look.

Designing a beautiful outdoor space that highlights your hot tub or swim spa is an exciting process. With careful planning, creative choices, and a clear vision, you’ll be well on your way to creating the backyard oasis you’ve always dreamed of. You can also download our free buyer’s guide to learn more about choosing the best hot tub or swim spa for your home.

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