Using a Swim Spa or Tether to Swim

Have you considered all of the benefits of a swim spa but aren’t sure how swimming in one would exactly work? When it comes to swim spas, the various jet options create a perfect swimming environment. But what is the difference between using a tether and swimming in a swim spa?

Swimming in a Swim Spa

There are many different jet options within a swim spa that allow you to customize your experience. Whether you’re an avid swimmer or a casual one, you can set the jets to your perfect level to swim as you please. Therefore, it’s easy enough to adjust the intensity of your swim, and all you need are the jets and your movement against them to keep you in one place. So when swimming in a swim spa, you don’t need to worry about adding a tether; however, they do still allow for the option to use one if you’d like a little extra support. Many Hydropool swim spas come with an anchor point built right into the model so you can attach a tether if you’d like. That way, if you’re a beginner looking for a little more support or an expert looking for even more resistance, you can always add it to your workout to further customize the experience.    There are many benefits to using a swim spa, such as improving technique, endurance, breathing and more. It can also help you practice more intense swimming or use the jets to have a low-impact walk, run or workout. The various levels and functions will depend on the make and model of the swim spa; however, each one will provide you with just what you need to swim in one place. They will also provide you with many other benefits beyond exercising, like relieving aches, pains, stress, or aiding in injury recovery.

Swimming With a Tether

Using a tether to swim can be done in a traditional above or in-ground pool, a lap pool or, as previously mentioned, a swim spa. This feature is usually added to smaller pools so that swimmers can practice without worrying about running out of room. A tether is not just used by swimmers who would like a little extra support but is used for many different reasons. Many professional swimmers will incorporate them into their workout to add more resistance or focus on their technique. Tether’s are also commonly used to help with injury recovery or rehabilitation. Their uses are endless, and they’re very beneficial features that can be added to any pool or spa. Aside from its swimming benefits, tethers can also be used to run in water. This is commonly used for rehab to help strengthen muscles in a low-impact way. By simply adding one end of the tether to your body and the other to a solid, secure surface, you can swim, walk, run or exercise in place very easily. Because working out in water is so gentle, you don’t need to worry about injury or aches and pains. Everything about swimming in a swim spa or with a tether is meant to be supportive and comfortable.    Both are incredible options for people with various swimming abilities or experiences and are perfect for helping target specific concerns or needs. Swimming and exercising in water has proven to help many people, from beginners to experts. If you’d like to add a tether or use a swim spa for your swimming routine, there are many options on the market to choose from. Hydropool offers so many versatile swim spas that allow you to customize your workout experience as you please. To learn about finding your perfect swim spa, download our free buyer’s guide, or visit us at our London swim spa store.
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