What Are Hot Tubs Used For?

When some people think of hot tubs, they envision downhill ski resorts, natural hot springs and high-end hotels. But hot tubs are becoming more accessible to the average person. Not only are more people installing them in their houses and backyards, many public places such as gyms and community centers are featuring them as well. The fact that hot tubs are becoming more common has caused some people to ask, “What are hot tubs used for?” This article will go over some of the benefits that can be derived by simply soaking in a hot tub.

The Basics of Hydrotherapy

Using water to alleviate physical and mental stresses has occurred for thousands of years. Warm water and massage can have a positive effect on many different types of ailments and conditions, both mental and physical. Water provides a buoyant force that can alleviate pressure on body parts such as joints and muscles. Alternatively, a hot tub can provide both social and solitary environments that allow respite from mental stresses and burdens.

A Remedy for Stress

Warm water and massage are well known for their stress relieving abilities. They’re able to soothe the body and lower the heart rate which can create an ideal state that promotes relaxation and combats stress. Spending time in a hot tub can help bring about sleep while providing a deeper, more relaxing state of rest. It’s also been shown to reduce the levels of stress hormones while increasing the number of pain-relieving hormones that are flowing through the bloodstream. For a natural method of stress relief, a hot tub is hard to beat.

A Remedy for Muscle Pain

The reason why hot tubs are popping up in gyms so often is that they’ve been shown to help with relief from muscle pain. Hot tubs are also being designed with this in mind and there are many models that provide a series of water jets arranged to massage almost every muscle group in the body. The buoyant force that water provides can also alleviate pressure on injured joints and muscles. People suffering joint pain, arthritis and soft tissue problems can find relief by soaking in a hot tub.

A Remedy for High Blood Pressure

Warm water and massage will cause blood vessels to dilate which reduces the amount of work the heart has to do by allowing blood to flow more easily. This, in effect, lowers the blood pressure by improving its circulation. People who suffer from the symptoms of poor circulation such as swelling or tingling of the extremities, fainting spells and cold fingers and toes can gain some temporary relief by spending some time in a hot tub.

A Remedy for Depression

A hot tub may not be the complete answer for someone suffering from depression, but two distinct environments a hot tub can provide can help people who suffer from such a malady. When used as a social environment a hot tub can bring people together and provide the sufferer with positive social interactions. On the other hand, when used as a place of solitude, a hot tub can provide a calming environment that allows one to regain focus and stability.

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