What are Indoor Hot Tub Dimensions

Indoor hot tubs are the height of luxury. Ready to use any time, you don’t have to worry about lightning storms, nosy neighbours or your leaf shedding trees fouling the water. But deciding on the ideal style and size of your hot tub may leave you scratching your head with more questions than answers. You’ll want to make sure you end up with a product that fulfills all your needs but still lives within the constraints of your budget and the space you have available for installation. Speaking with an experienced dealership will help you distill your choices to a more manageable level. You’ll be asked what size of hot tub you want which will likely have you asking, “What are indoor hot tub dimensions that are available to me?” It’s an absolutely legitimate question, and to give you some idea of what you can expect, we’ve tried to answer that with this article.

What Size Hot Tub Do I Need?

As mentioned in the introduction, choosing the appropriate sized hot tub will depend on your budget and the space you have available for its installation. But you’ll also need to ask yourself who will be using the hot tub and how often. Every potential hot tub owner has grand visions of lavish hot tub parties, but the reality is that they don’t happen as often as one might think. Paring back your fantasy might lead you to a smaller, but better-appointed hot tub. Of course, if you want the largest hot tub on the market, all the power to you! But if it’s just you and your wife who live on a farm 100 clicks away from anybody else you know; you might want to save some money on size and spend it on accessories. Only you can make the appropriate decision but looking at things realistically can ensure you end up with a hot tub that perfectly suits your situation rather than one that constantly leaves you wanting. Speaking with your dealership can help you focus your wants and needs and result in a fulfilling hot tub future.

What Are Indoor Hot Tub Dimensions?

Generalizing the dimensions of the various sizes of hot tubs is possible, but it’s by no means a substitute for getting out the measuring tape or scrutinizing the product spec sheet. But to give you an idea of what you might expect when it comes to the size of various types of hot tubs, we’ll provide some very general measurements as a rough guideline. The largest hot tubs, the seven plus person models, will typically measure between seven to nine (or more) feet long and wide while being three to three and a half feet high. The mid-sized models which generally hold five or six people are usually six and a half to eight feet long and wide while being about three feet high. If you’re looking at one of the smaller, two to four person models, you can usually account for five and a half to seven feet across and two and a half to three feet high. Of course, it’s important to remember that every manufacturer and model will have unique dimensions, so the above numbers are only a guideline and should, by no means, substitute for the actual measurement.

Final Analysis

Making sure about the measurements of your hot tub ranks right up there with the amount of money you have to spend and the number of people who will be using it on a regular basis. Getting the measurements wrong can lead to delays, disappointment, and unexpected house renovations. And although it’s possible to buy hot tubs online these days, it’s in your best interest to speak with a reputable dealer who can share their experience to ensure your purchase gives you joy, not frustration.

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