What Do Hot Tubs Cost to Run?

If you are preparing to purchase a hot tub, you have probably wanted to sit down and crunch some numbers as to what you can expect the ongoing monthly charges to be.

The main two expenses will be the water treatment chemicals and electricity, but both can vary. For an average size hot tub, water chemicals usually cost somewhere around $20 per month but electricity can be a bit harder to answer. This is because the utility rates can vary depending on what city you live in, the time of day you use your hot tub the most and other habits such as if you keep it covered. As a ballpark figure, typically an energy efficient hot tub shouldn’t cost more to run than buying a cup of Tim Horton’s coffee each day.

We actually feel that a more helpful question to ask is how you can save money on running your hot tub. There are some helpful tips and recommendations that can help you keep your bills as low as possible so that you can enjoy your hot tub even more. Keep reading below to find out more.

Maintaining a Clean Hot Tub

Not only is a clean hot tub way more enjoyable to use but it also helps your filtration system work more efficiently. When a backup of oil, dirt, and bacteria are left in your hot tub, it will take a toll on the plumbing systems, forcing your hot tub to work harder to try and clean and purify the water. Ultimately, this will result in having to replace your filters more often and other parts to fail sooner which can be expensive.

Always follow the recommended schedule for water inspection, cleaning and draining to keep your hot tub working optimally and increase the longevity of parts and accessories.

Use a Cover

Most dealers will recommend you buy a cover and for good reason. Using a fitted, lockable and insulated cover is one of the biggest ways you can save on your energy costs. A good quality cover usually costs around a couple hundred dollars; however, you quickly save that amount and more on your energy bill. Your savings can go to other necessary expenses like monthly water chemicals instead of your utility company!

How do covers save so much money? They do a number of things, including trapping and reusing the water heat, and preventing as much water and chemical evaporation, saving you money on both. A fitted cover also protects against leaves and debris falling into the tub, which can cause damage in some cases or at a minimum take more time to clean.

Use a Lower Temperature

The maximum recommended temperature for hot tub usage is 104 degrees but that doesn’t mean you need to crank to the highest level to enjoy a warm, soothing massage. Lowering the water temperature by a few degrees will save you money by reducing energy consumption and save water and chemicals from less evaporation as the hotter water is, the quicker it evaporates. To find your ideal temperature, reduce by 1 degree at a time.

Avoid Wind

If you place your hot tub smack in the middle of a wind path, this can cause a few challenges and increase expenses. First, debris, leaves, bugs, etc. can end up in the water but a windy environment can also cause your energy bill to rise. This is because the more the air circulates around and above your hot tub, the harder it will be to maintain your water temperature and the water will evaporate quicker.

Try to plan to install your hot tub in a location that is not especially windy. If it is, there are a few steps you can take to help shield it from the wind which as installing some large bushes or shrubs to create a protective barrier.

When you save money on your monthly hot tub costs, relaxing in it is even more enjoyable. To find out more about installing your hot tub, download a free hot tub buyer’s guide below, or visit us at our London hot tub store.

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