What is a Hot Tub Circulation Pump?

When it comes to the warm and therapeutic waters of a hot tub, you will find there are a few essential components that make this possible. You probably have not considered how each part comes together to make it all work, but a basic understanding can actually help you solve an issue should one arise. In the following article, we talk about some key points that you should know about hot tub circulation pumps.

Exactly What Is a Hot Tub Circulation Pump?

A circulation pump is a low-flow pump that helps circulate the water in your hot tub non-stop. It is a controlled motion that continues to heat, chemically treat, and filter out the hot tub water. Only some hot tubs come with circulation pumps, other have 2-speed pumps. If you are looking to understand the model of your pump, consider the Amps on the label. Amps under 1.5 are circulation pumps.

Typically, Hydropool models have Aqua-Flow Gecko Circ-Master pumps. These are equipped with superior filtration and allow for the highest gallon per minute (GPM) in the industry. When there is a higher GPM standard, your pump can then increase the energy efficiency produced. This can be up to four times the filtration when compared to other pumps.

Identifying Circulation Pump Problems

You may experience a hot tub circulation pump problem from time to time. For this reason, you should be aware of what to look for. Continue reading to learn about some of the most common issues.

Dead Circulation Pump – If your circulation pump is completely not working, it could be dead. To confirm, check the power and breaker. Then test the GFCI to make sure it has not been tripped. Also, be sure to look for an error code on the top side of the control panel. If the power is working by your pump continues to have issues, confirm there is no error code. This can help tell you what the issue could be. Other options include confirming all valves are in the open position. Be sure to also look for hose kinks and the filter is clear.

Making Noise – If you hear noises coming from your circulation pump, this certainly means an error. Listen for humming, gurgling, or grinding noises. These are especially a red flag. More often than not, a propeller is clogged, there is a dirty filter, or the bearings are worn out.

Not Pumping Much – If there is a low amount of heated water coming from your circulation pump, this is an issue. Solve the problem by removing the spa filter and checking for an improved flow rate. If the issue persists, consider replacing the filter. If not, there may be something blocking the flow of the filter or an interference with the suction.

You are now aware of what a circulation pump is and how it can be affected. Download the hot tub buyer’s guide below to learn about other essential components, or visit us at our London hot tub store.

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