What Is a Self-Cleaning Hot Tub?

If you have ever wondered what a self-cleaning hot tub is, you certainly are not alone! For many people, the idea of a hot tub or swim spa that that totally cleans itself without any owner help sounds too good to be true. The truth is that to some extent, all hot tubs are considered self-cleaning and that there is no hot tub on the market that will completely free you from all maintenance obligations.

So, what exactly is a self-cleaning hot tub? Keep reading below to find out.

The Self-Cleaning Hot Tub Explained

When a hot tub is marketed as being a self-cleaning model, it essentially indicates that less maintenance and cleaning is involved compared to standard models. Unfortunately, it does not mean that you will never have to do any type of cleaning or basic maintenance tasks.

Self-cleaning really refers to the hot tub’s water filtration system as filtration in hot tubs is designed to keep them clean. So, does that mean that all hot tubs are self-cleaning? Technically yes, however, some are way better than others. A true self-cleaning hot tub will have an incredibly efficient filtration system in place as well as an automatic dosing system for water chemicals. The two most important things to look for in a self-cleaning hot tub are:

  • The filtration should have 24-hour pumps along with a pressurized filtration system to improve the efficiency of cleaning the hot tub’s water.
  • The automatic dosing system should continually add chlorine or bromine as needed to the water.

It is important to keep in mind that even with an automatic dosing system that you will still need to check the pH levels of your water. The correct pH level will ensure that your water is properly balanced. If it isn’t, it can irritate bathers’ skin and eyes.

Best Self-Cleaning Technology

As some self-cleaning hot tubs are much more efficient than others, it helps to know what technology you should look for. Hydropool hot tubs are equipped with a leading self-cleaning filter system that filters 100% of the water every 15 minutes in addition to having a built-in floor vacuum which automatically sucks up dirt and oil as well as removes surface debris. With the Hydropool ‘Safe Water Guarantee’, you can always be assured that the water in your hot tub is clean and sanitary.

By understanding what exactly a self-cleaning hot tub is, you will know how to choose a model that will be able to handle a good portion of the basic cleaning and maintenance tasks itself, allowing you more time to be enjoying your hot tub. In the end, it may be better to think of a self-cleaning hot tub as a low maintenance hot tub instead, as hot tub owners will always have some type of task list such as draining the water in the tub or cleaning the water filters.

To learn more about how Hydropool self-cleaning features work, download a hot tub buyer’s guide below, or visit us at our London hot tub store.

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