What is a Swim Spa Treadmill and How Does it Work?

If you’ve always enjoyed walking or running, but sometimes the weather conditions in your area don’t make it easy to do so, then you may have considered buying a piece of exercise equipment. If you’ve been looking at a treadmill for your home, then we’re here to recommend the treadmill technology found within select swim spa models as an alternative. When it comes down to it, trying to exercise on pavement can be hard on your joints and bones. But with a swim spa that features treadmill technology, you can receive all of the benefits of going on a walk or a run in a low-impact way. With a swim spa’s versatility, there are also countless other benefits you would receive. But you might be asking yourself, what is treadmill technology? How does it work? Below, we’ll be providing you with everything you need to know.

How Do Swim Spas Work?

Swim spas are incredibly versatile, as they create the ideal environment for individuals to swim, play, relax and even perform aquatic exercises. These spas are great home additions that every family member can enjoy and benefit from. As one compact unit with the features and related benefits you would find in both a hot tub and pool, these spas really do it all. Are you a swimmer who plans on practicing or training throughout the year? Do you love the way exercising makes you feel, but going to a gym isn’t quite your scene? Maybe you’d like a place where the whole family can come together and play? There are endless ways to customize the experience to make it what you want or need it to be. Typically, a swim spas versatility is unmatched, with jets that provide the perfect swim and massage. However, when looking at a swim spa with treadmill technology, those same jets can also be used to run or walk at whatever pace you’d like. Here’s how it works.

Hydropool’s Treadmill Technology

Hydropool is one of the top North American swim spa manufacturers for many reasons. With many unique features such as the Zone Therapy, self-cleaning technology, and Hydrowise Thermal Shield System, they have also added treadmill technology to the list. The Executive Trainer 19Ex established the ideal setting for a low-impact jog or walk. Did you know that running or walking in water burns just as many, if not more calories than doing so on land? With this treadmill technology, it’s easy enough to adjust the settings to fit your comfort level by using the built-in jet controller. Because you’re able to customize this workout in a low-impact setting, you can go at whatever level works for you without feeling tension or pain on your bones and joints. This is an excellent alternative for those with any sort of injury, arthritis, or pain. However, using treadmill technology offered in a swim spa also works well for those who might not be experiencing any issues at all when walking or running on land. By choosing a swim spa instead, you can be proactive, meaning you can lower the chances of feeling pain later on by exercising in this way.  Now how does it work? The Executive Trainer 19Ex uses nothing more than the jet current and your momentum. Simply turn on the jets to your preferred setting and begin walking or running as the current keeps you situated in one place. Therefore, you don’t need a lot of room to walk or run long distances.

Hydropool’s Extra Swim Spa Features

Along with running and walking in this swim spa, one of the most significant selling features is the way you’re able to swim in one place. Using the same jet system to customize your workout, there are also additional features that Hydropool offers to enjoy your workout further. The FORM Smart Swim Goggles and Water Watch by Hydropool connect directly to your swim spa and track your performance as you move. So, whether you’re doing aquatic exercises, swimming, running or walking, your calories burned, heart rate, distance, etc., are all accessible for you to see.  If you’ve been considering the addition of a piece of exercise equipment to your home, we recommend taking a look at Hydropool swim spas during your search. Not only do specific models provide treadmill technology, but they are also incredibly versatile as they allow you to swim, exercise, play, and relax, too.  To find the perfect swim spa for your home, download our free buyer’s guide.
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