What is the Average Life of a Hot Tub?

Let’s face it. Buying a hot tub involves many important decisions. Not only is a hot tub a big-ticket item, but it’s also a luxury purchase. The money you allocate towards a hot tub could, ostensibly, be used for something much more utilitarian. And it’s highly doubtful your world will stop functioning if you don’t get a hot tub. But the comfort and lifestyle a hot tub provides are unparalleled in many ways. For this reason, it’s likely that you want your purchase to be a smart one – one that provides you with value rather than a load of headaches. One question you may be asking yourself is, “What is the average life of a hot tub?” When you’re putting up that kind of money, it’s an absolutely reasonable query. To help you come to terms with your decisions, we’ve created an article that will answer your questions and help you make an informed purchase.

What Is the Average Life of a Hot Tub?

It’s hard to provide a single answer to this question as there are so many variables that can be involved. But a wide-ranging answer that gives you some sort of indication as to what you can expect is that hot tubs generally last anywhere from five to 20+ years. And yes, that’s an incredibly wide variation, but as mentioned it depends on a large number of variables. We’ll list some of them here.

Hot Tub Makes and Models

Hot tubs have been popular in North America for a good half-century now. For that reason, what was once a high-end luxury item has now become ubiquitous enough that there are models made for all types and sizes of budgets and lifestyles. For less than a thousand dollars you can buy an inflatable hot tub off the internet that might not last through the season if you don’t treat it properly. On the other hand, a top of the line, quality brand name model can cost you more than a small car. Which do you think will last longer? Hot tubs follow the same general rules that encompass most any purchase – you get what you pay for. Just as there are a handful of well known, high-quality hot tub manufacturers, there is a much larger number of poor qualities, fly by night operators looking to make a quick profit by selling cheap and cheaply made knockoffs. If you’re just looking for something to last the long weekend, an inexpensive discount model might completely meet your needs. But if you’re hoping for a long-valued addition to your home, it behooves you to pay for something known for reliability and quality.

Hot Tub Maintenance

Wear and tear are a fact of life with any long-term purchase. And your ability for keeping on top of that wear and tear will provide a good clue as to how long your hot tub will last. Just like a vehicle that’s consistently maintained, a hot tub that is properly cared for will last much longer than one that’s carelessly used without any preventative upkeep. Hot tubs are not only full of a liquid that has the propensity, given enough time, to literally work its way through the stone, they’re also full of corrosive chemicals that can make quick business of plastics, steel, and wood. For this reason, it’s imperative that you plan on keeping a regular maintenance schedule if you want your hot tub to last into the upper regions of the average hot tub lifespan. Following the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations like you would to keep a new car warranty valid will give a far better chance of a long relationship with your hot tub than you would have if you simply treated them as optional.

The Choice Is Yours

Although hot tub lifespans are finite, how long you want your hot tub to last really depends on the decisions you make. Keep that in mind when deciding on your new purchase.

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