What is the Best Time of Year to Buy a Hot Tub?

If you’re in the market for a new hot tub you might have more questions than answers. There’s no doubt that a hot tub can be considered a major purchase. Although a hot tub won’t cost as much as a new home or automobile, it will definitely change your life. So, making sure you get a good deal on the right hot tub for your situation is very important. People often ask, “What is the best time of year to buy a hot tub?” The most honest answer is that it really depends on whether you’ve done the proper research, you have the money available to spend and you’ve made sure your property is ready for the installation process. Beyond that, we’ve listed a few more considerations when it comes to getting the best deal.

Doing Your Research

When you own a hot tub there’s much more to it than simply relaxing in warm water. Having at least a cursory knowledge of how hot tubs work will go a long way in helping you get a better deal. You don’t necessarily need to understand the physics behind water jet propulsion but having a general idea of the different models and accessories will allow you to feel more confident when negotiating a price. The internet makes things much easier and allows you to learn a great deal before you ever have to think about talking to a salesperson. Check out some of your local dealers’ websites, download some promotional materials and request some buyer’s brochures. This modest effort will serve you well during the buying process.

Getting What You Pay For

As you search around and look at the various types of hot tubs on the market, you’ll soon realize that there are a few major brand names that are often sold by most retailers. It’s important to remember that like almost any type of product there are popular brands that are typically more expensive compared to no-name brands that are much cheaper. The hot tub industry is no different and attracts manufacturers of poor-quality knockoffs that stop functioning after a few short years. Most retailers stock the same major brand names because they trust the quality. It’s not in a retailer’s best interest to sell poor quality merchandise that ruins their reputation. So, when you’re coming to your final buying decision, beware of amazing deals that seem to be too good to be true. Quite often they are.

Add Ons And Accessories

Rarely will you be satisfied with buying a hot tub without any regard for add ons and accessories. Although the hot tub itself will be the main focal point, there are many add ons and accessories that you’ll need or want. A hot tub cover is an absolute necessity. Mood lighting and a sound system, maybe not so much, but they may be important to you. You should also look into the cost of other practical accessories such as stairs, vacuum systems, and chemicals. Often you can find accessories and add ons thrown into the purchase price for free. Keep your eye out for retailer specials and promotions that may be relevant to you.


Many hot tub retailers will include installation as part of the upfront cost. You should make sure about this because hot tub installation requires skills that not everyone has. Hiring an independent contractor to do the job can end up costing you much more without guaranteed results. During the slower months for hot tub retailers, it’s possible that you can get installation included. Stay attuned to the market to find out when this occurs in your area.

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