What is the Biggest Hot Tub Size Available?

What’s the biggest hot tub on the market? If you’re looking at different hot tubs for your home, you might be asking yourself what sizes are available. The largest option available is a 9-person hot tub, and to take a deeper look at all of the features of a spa of this size, we will be referring to Hydropool’s 970 Titanium hot tub. Here’s what you need to know about a 9-person hot tub.

What are Some of the Benefits of a 9-Person Spa?

Hot tubs, in general, provide many different benefits, from aiding in relief and injury recovery to relaxing and easing stress. There are endless upsides to owning a hot tub, and when it comes to a 9-person spa, the size allows many people to enjoy the benefits at once. When looking at this specific make by Hydropool, over 70 fully adjustable jets provide relief to many different areas of concern. Whether you want to focus a massage on your lower back, neck, or feet, these jet functions provide endless opportunities. There are also eight full-sized seats and two additional options of Muskoka style chair and lounger, meaning many options for people to find a comfortable place to rest, too.   This particular hot tub model also includes self-cleaning technology, which filters 100 percent of the hot tub’s water every fifteen minutes. This feature is very important to consider in a hot tub of this size because the spa is significantly larger than most and holds significantly more water. With this technology, you don’t need to worry about how many people are in and out of the spa. Although you will still need to regularly check your water’s pH levels (7.2 – 7.8) to ensure chemical levels are where they should be, the actual cleaning isn’t something you’ll need to worry about constantly. This can significantly decrease the need to empty and refill your hot tub, so there’s more time you can spend enjoying its benefits and less time worrying about its cleanliness. Other features to look for when deciding on a hot tub of this size involve safety and practicality. This model features non-slip steps that are built right into its interior, along with safety rails. Whether you’re looking at Hydropool hot tubs or not, this is a benefit to be looking at for hot tubs that can hold nine people. You want to ensure that every person entering and exiting your spa is safe and is accessible enough for everyone to feel comfortable.    There are also certain energy-efficient benefits to this Hydropool hot tub, such as the Thermal Shield Insulation System and Premium Everlast Cabinet. Once again, when looking at a 9-person hot tub, the idea of energy and electricity costs might be something you’re worried about. However, if you’re looking at a hot tub manufacturer that prioritizes energy efficiency, then your electrical bills will reflect this. Because these features are put in place to let your warm water last longer, by keeping the heat in and the cold out, there will be less of a need to run your heater. Together, these two features limit the need to use constant electricity and provide the perfect environment to relax and enjoy.

What are Some of the Possible Disadvantages of a 9-Person Spa?

Although there seem to be endless benefits of a 9-person hot tub, some aspects might not make it the best choice for you and your home. As previously mentioned, the large space of a hot tub like this allows many people to enjoy it at once. However, with this also comes the need to have enough space to house a spa of this size. You will need to make sure that your yard has enough space for one to fit safely, taking into consideration the necessary room between your hot tub and any other surface. Along with the size comes the weight. When filled with water, this hot tub is almost 6 thousand pounds. Although it’s necessary to always establish a safe and sturdy surface for a hot tub installation, it’s even more imperative for a hot tub that weighs this much. However, if you have enough room in your yard, then the ability to create a surface with concrete slabs, reinforced decking, etc., is fairly easy enough to do, so there’s no need to worry. Before purchasing any hot tub or spa, it’s crucial to look at both the benefits and potential issues that might arise depending on where you live. However, it’s safe to say that if you’re on the market for a spa large enough to fit all of your family and friends at once, then this could very well be the perfect option for you. To learn more about finding your ideal spa, download our free buyer’s guide today, or come in and visit our hot hub store in London.
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