What is the Difference Between a Single Shell or Modular Swim Spa?

There are endless options for spas on the market that come in various makes, models, designs, shapes, sizes, and more. But what is the difference between a modular swim spa and a single shell swim spa? In order to figure out which one’s the best fit for your home, it’s important to weigh the pros and potential cons of each. Here’s what you need to know before selecting your ideal swim spa.

What is a Modular vs Single Shell Swim Spa?

The main difference between a modular and single shell swim spa is how they’re built, made and delivered. While a single shell swim spa is just as you would find it in a showroom, a modular swim spa is delivered in many different pieces and constructed on-site.    A single shell spa will be delivered ready to install, while a modular swim spa must be built after delivery. When talking about a modular swim spa, you will have less to worry about when it comes to the delivery process but more to consider with the construction that will take place after. Both modular and single shell swim spas are incredible additions to any home, but one will likely be a better fit for some than others depending on various factors. This includes how large your yard is or how easily accessible it might be. Things like cost, installation and prep time will also be affected and might influence this decision. Here’s what you need to know about a single shell or modular swim spa before deciding on one for your home.

The Benefits of a Swim Spa

Regardless of which option you choose, swim spas are known as “the best of both worlds” because they combine a hot tub and pool’s benefits. By providing aqua therapy benefits that help ease aches, pain, inflammation, etc., while also giving the perfect environment to swim, play, walk, run and more, swim spas truly do it all. There are many physical benefits, from improved blood flow and circulation to helping with arthritis pain, digestion, metabolism and helping with sleep. With all of these physical benefits, it also helps to improve your mental health, by reducing stress and producing endorphins. Knowing all of the features and benefits of a swim spa is important to keep in mind, as some will provide features targeted to different areas of concern. So it’s best to look through all of the features of a swim spa, whether single shell or modular, to see what appeals to your needs the most.

Deciding Which One is Right for You

Single shell swim spas are one big structure and are ready to use right after delivery and installation are complete. Alternatively, modular spas are delivered disassembled and put together once at your home. One of the positive features of choosing a modular option is that there is less to worry about delivery. For example, say you have a smaller opening or gate to your backyard. The delivery of a modular swim spa will come in pieces and will be better suited for a home like this. This means you won’t need to worry about something like a crane delivery, regardless of how large or heavy your spa will end up being once fully assembled.   On the other hand, single shell swim spas have many different benefits and are common options for many people. Because there’s less assembly needed once it’s at your home, you can begin enjoying it much faster than a modular swim spa. These are things you will need to take into consideration when planning your installation. While one will take more delivery planning, the other will take more assembly planning. The cost of each of these options will depend on specific aspects of your installation. Will you need a crane delivery or a hole to be dug? Will you be building reinforced decking or have landscaping done? Where is your home located? Many factors come into play when looking at the cost for either. Therefore, if you’re looking to receive a more specific range for your spa, taking into consideration all these aspects, you can always reach out to inquire about a quote.   Regardless of the option you choose, once they’re assembled, they will both provide incredible benefits. From relaxing and unwinding to exercising and swimming, they are “the best of both worlds.” The real difference between a single shell and a modular swim spa is its delivery and assembly processes. To learn more about finding your ideal spa, download our free buyer’s guide, or visit us at our London swim spa store.
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