What Is the Largest Swim Spa?

People are often attracted to swim spas because of their compact, space-saving design but there are some models that are larger than you may expect. Especially for those with large families or are serious fitness enthusiasts, having more space in a swim spa can be an important decision factor.

Two of the largest models we carry are the Hydropool AquaSport and AquaTrainer, which are each 19ft in length and are both split models, meaning that one end features a hot tub area.

Keep reading below to find out more about the features these spacious swims spas have to offer.

AquaTrainer 19 DTfX

The Hydropool executive series AquaTrainer is a spacious, powerful swim spa that was designed specifically with serious swimmers and those that value active lifestyles in mind. At 19 feet long and almost 8 feet wide, the AquaTrainer can seat 6-7 bathers as well to enjoy relaxing hydrotherapy massages.

The AquaTrainer is quite impressive, in fact, is essentially a complete aquatic centre all in one. It features a special non-slip mat designed to perform exercises like running and rowing.

AquaSport 19 DTfX

If you are looking for a pool, hot tub and aquatic workout centre all in one, the AquaSport is the perfect choice for the entire family. A spit design model, it features dual temperatures, meaning that the swim spa lane area can be kept cool while the seated spa area can be kept warm, accommodating different users and needs at the same time.

The AquaSport is one of the largest swim spas on the market at 19 feet long and almost 8 feet wide. It is incredibly powerful, offering a challenging workout program with its core jet streams. It also is equipped with safety steps, LED lights and is self-cleaning.

What Size is a Typical Swim Spa?

On average, the most common swim spas are around 14 feet in length. This is a good in-between size that can accommodate a few bathers and taller individuals comfortably. While there are some swim spas as small as 10 feet long, these can feel cramped for some people or limiting when trying to perform certain exercises.

Is space is a major concern, you will have to carefully consider what size swim spa will work best in your home or yard. If you are considering costs, make sure you weigh your comfort and the versatility that a larger swim spa model can provide.

For serious athletes, competitive swimmers or you just want to be committed to your overall fitness level and wellness, investment in a larger swim spa is very worthwhile. Being able to work out or relax whenever is convenient for you in the comfort of your own home is priceless. Plus, for those that have children, a large swim spa is a great activity centre and place to teach younger children how to swim.

Now that you know what size the largest swim spas are, find out more about their features and benefits by downloading a swim spa buyer’s guide below, or by visiting us at our London swim spa store.

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