What Makes Rollaway Swim Spa Covers Stand Out?

Swim spa covers come in different styles to suit different needs. For those who want effortless handling, the rollaway cover stands as a potential game-changer. But how well does it really work for swim spas? Below, we’ll explore what sets it apart from other options and whether it’s the right choice when it comes to protecting your backyard retreat. Here’s what you should know!

The Importance of Covers for Swim Spas and Hot Tubs

If you want to make the most of your swim spa or hot tub’s aqua fitness and hydrotherapy benefits, you need to have a high-quality cover. It acts as a barrier against leaves, debris, and other contaminants that can affect water quality. This protective role goes beyond cleanliness — it also shields against potential damage. After all, spa covers are built to last in all elements and weather conditions due to their solid construction. Some covers are fully framed to handle snow loads, while others come with a coating that resists harmful UV rays. And because a spa cover creates a complete seal on top of the swim spa, it keeps curious children or pets from getting in. This adds an extra layer of safety.

Placing a cover on your spa when you’re not using it ensures that the water stays warm, inviting, and ready for your next swim session. It maintains a comfortable temperature by trapping heat, making it one of the most insulated parts of the swim spa. Some covers even ensure that the swim spa’s infrared heat is reflected back into the components. This means the heater doesn’t have to work as hard to keep everything warm. Not only does this create a cozy environment but also helps save energy. To learn more about improving insulation for hot tubs and swim spas, you can also contact your local spa dealer.

How Does a Rollaway Swim Spa Cover Work?

Most covers need to be lifted off when you want to use your swim spa, then you need to put them back on securely when you’re done. Some covers can be heavy and awkward to handle, making them a bit of a hassle to deal with. Of course, a cover lifter can be a great solution for this. However, if you’re not a fan of the extra effort and additional equipment, you might want to consider a rollaway cover. This type of cover has a simple mechanism that allows you to roll it away with minimal effort. It’s also a popular choice among Hydropool swim spa owners. A rolling spa cover design enables one person to roll the cover off the swim spa in less than 60 seconds. No need for heavy lifting.

Other Features of Rollaway Spa Covers

Manufactured using the highest quality commercial grade materials, a rollaway cover is not only easy to use but also highly durable. The top and stitching are carefully constructed to ensure they can handle the stress of repeatedly rolling on and off. Additionally, it comes with locking straps to keep your cover secure during high winds. This sturdy design means the cover won’t wear out quickly, ensuring long-lasting protection for your swim spa.

The RollAway is widely recognized as a prime example of this cover type, with some even calling it a next generation one-piece spa cover. Its exclusive triple thermal shield technology has 3 distinct insulated layers and 2 insulating air pockets, providing superior heat retention. On top of that, the cover is crafted with a weatherproof fabric that is double stitched on all seams to ensure a tight secure bond. The x-pattern on all locking straps also adds extra strength. To give you a better idea of how sturdy the RollAway is, the expanded cover will easily support the weight of a person without losing its shape. And thanks to its coated surface, it won’t deteriorate over time or in direct sunlight either.

Is a Rollaway Cover Right For You?

A rollaway swim spa cover design enables you to quickly open and close your spa with a smooth roll, making it a breeze for anyone to manage. It’s a great choice if you want a cover that’s easy to remove and provides immediate access to the swim spa. When deciding if it’s the right fit, keep in mind that this type of lockable safety cover may be pricier. It also doesn’t have the same stylish look as other options. If these trade-offs don’t bother you, then the rollaway cover might be the perfect solution. Your choice ultimately depends on what matters most to you in enhancing your overall experience.

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