What Makes Swim Spas So Expensive?

Having a swim spa installed is one of the best ways to upgrade your home and lifestyle, but you might be wondering if it’s a smart choice, budget-wise. Knowing the overall cost of ownership, which includes more than the upfront purchase price, is the key to understanding its value. We’ll break down these details below, so you can decide whether a swim spa is the perfect way to make a splash in your daily routine. Here’s what you should know!

Swim Spas Provide Benefits of Both Hot Tubs and Pools

Thanks to their versatility, swim spas have become a popular choice for many homeowners. They combine the benefits of hot tubs and traditional pools in one compact unit, making them a convenient option for those who want the best of both worlds. One unique feature is the adjustable swim current, allowing you to swim in place against the flow of the water. On the relaxation side, a swim spa often has seating with hydrotherapy jets that offer a soothing massage.

Another reason why people love swim spas is that they allow you to enjoy warm water even during the colder months of the year. You can extend your swimming season, keep up with your workout routine, and continue to enjoy your soak sessions. With all these benefits, it’s no surprise that a swim spa is considered a worthwhile investment for a happier and healthier lifestyle. You can also contact your local spa dealer for more insights on how a swim spa can be a practical choice for fitness and relaxation.

How Much Does a Swim Spa Typically Cost?

What you might pay for a swim spa can range from around $7,000 to over $30,000. This difference in the initial price tag means there are diverse options available. You won’t have trouble finding a new swim spa that perfectly fits your needs and budget. For many swim spa buyers, the key is to strike a balance between the experience you want and what you can afford. If you want a smaller model without too many extras, you can aim for the lower end of the price range. On the other hand, if you dream of a bigger swim spa with fancy features, you can expect to shell out a bit more. Even so, you’d still spend less compared to an in-ground pool.

What Factors Influence the Price Range of Swim Spas?

If you’re considering buying a swim spa and you’re planning your budget, it can be helpful to understand why some models are more expensive than others. These factors can guide you when estimating the upfront price of the options you’re interested in:

1. They Come in Different Sizes

Swim spa price tags often depend on how much space they have and how many seats they offer. The standard sizes available are small, medium, and large. Generally, larger swim spas or those with more seating tend to be pricier. On the other hand, a smaller size spa can be more budget-friendly. When deciding on the size, think about the space you have in your backyard and how many people will be using it.

2. Quality Plays a Key Role

The materials, construction, or overall craftsmanship can differ from one swim spa to another. While a quality swim spa may seem expensive to purchase initially, it often pays off in the long run. Better durability leads to fewer maintenance issues, so you won’t spend as much on repair fees over time. Alternatively, a cheaper swim spa model might save you money initially but could end up costing more because it’s less efficient.

3. There Are Many Brands Available

Brands differ in terms of reputation, quality, and service, which can impact the overall cost of the swim spa. Recognized manufacturers typically command higher prices due to their reputation for producing reliable and well-made spas. While you might discover more affordable options from lesser-known brands, it’s crucial to check reviews and do some research to make sure they meet your needs.

4. Built-In Features Vary Widely

Your overall swim spa experience depends on the features it comes with. They can also affect how much you’ll pay. If you want a swim spa packed with features, be ready to spend more upfront. You also need to consider the accessories that can drive up the costs. If you’re on a budget, you can still have enjoyable swim spa sessions with a simpler model. Just ensure that it has the essential features tailored to your preferences.

Additional Swim Spa Costs to Prepare For

Delivery and Installation Costs

Besides the initial price of the swim spa, you also need to set a budget for delivery and installation fees. While these fees are typically included in most swim spa packages, some dealers may charge them separately. Swim spas are quite heavy, so there’s also a chance that a crane will be needed for delivery. If there are any obstacles like narrow pathways or fences, additional equipment or labor might be required, leading to extra costs.

Meanwhile, what you’ll spend on swim spa installation might include groundwork, the concrete pad or base, electrical work, plumbing, and the setup process. The way you choose to install your swim spa also affects the overall cost. An in-ground installation can be more expensive due to the additional work needed for excavation. On the other hand, an above-ground setup tends to be more budget-friendly because it’s often simpler and requires less effort.

Energy Costs

The running cost of swim spas is another important factor to consider. Similar to your household appliances, a swim spa comes with energy expenses. How much you’ll pay depends on factors like how often you use it, the water temperature you prefer, and the size of your spa. Insulation also plays a key role, which means an energy-efficient swim spa will cost less to operate. Additionally, some spas use excess heat from the pumps to keep the water warm, helping to reduce energy costs further. With proper insulation, you can enjoy your swim spa without worrying about high electricity bills.

Maintenance Costs

Another ongoing cost to include in your overall budget is maintenance. The expenses can include cleaning supplies, filter replacements, water treatment chemicals, and occasional repairs. Average monthly maintenance costs are quite minimal in most cases. Still, it’s important to plan for what you might spend in the long run when you’re choosing a spa. Models with advanced filtration systems typically cost less to maintain since they keep the water in the swim spa cleaner for longer periods. This means there’s no need to change the filters or add chemicals as often, saving you both time and money.

Is the Overall Cost of a Swim Spa Worth It?

At the end of the day, deciding if a swim spa is worth the overall cost boils down to your personal preferences and budget. If you value year-round wellness, a swim spa can be a fantastic investment. Think about whether the benefits in terms of health, enjoyment, and convenience can outweigh the costs. Consider your long-term goals, how often you’ll use the swim spa, and how it fits into your lifestyle. With careful planning and choosing a model that aligns with your needs, a swim spa offers years of well-spent moments without breaking the bank.

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