What Size is a Swim Spa?

When deciding on the perfect swim spa for your home, it’s essential to be aware of the measurements of the spa in relation to much space you have in your yard. This is essential to plan out your installation and backyard vision properly, as you will need to consider all dimensions. Typically speaking, the width and depth measurements will always be the same, while the length can be anywhere from 10 to 19 feet. But how can you be sure that a swim spa is right for your space, and how can you plan accordingly? Here’s what you need to know.

The Size of Your Yard Determines the Size Of Your Swim Spa

You might already be aware that a swim spa is a combination of a pool, gym and hot tub all in one. Although this is one fact that connects all swim spas, something that sets them apart is their size. Therefore, it’s always wise to measure your space beforehand. All swim spas will be about 4 to 5 feet deep and around 7 to 8 feet wide, regardless of the make or model you choose.  When measuring your space, it’s important to account for the necessary 3 feet along each side of your spa. It should have this distance between any property line or home for safety reasons. Upon this time, if you have plans to install a deck, do landscaping work or do gardening around your swim spa, then you’ll also want to make sure you have enough space for these things.   A 10-foot long swim spa might be the ideal option if you have a smaller yard. These are the smallest swim spas available and are made for swimming and exercising, though they won’t always have hot tub seating. These swim spas are looked at as aquatic gyms, with all the features and benefits that come with such. They provide many opportunities to swim, exercise and play and are perfect for smaller spaces. From here, the mid-sized swim spas available are generally around 14 feet long and are great options for individuals who have a bit more space to work with. Lastly, the biggest size available is a 19-foot spa. As you can tell, the size of a swim spa can be drastically different from one to the next and therefore, knowing how much room you have to work with is crucial. Now that you know how large of a swim spa you can purchase for your home, how do you know which make or model will be best to buy? Here’s what you need to know.

Finding Your Perfect Swim Spa

Other aspects that will affect your decision will be the budget you have in mind for your swim spa and the landscaping work you’d like done for your yard. Although these might be more apparent influences, did you know that the height of your family members can also play a role in this decision?  Let’s start with the budget. It’s safe to say that the larger the swim spa, the more it will cost. When it comes to the installation, we recommend creating a separate budget than the cost of the actual swim spa itself. When looking at your installation budget, it’s also important to determine whether or not you will have your swim spa installed above or below ground. If you choose to do an in-ground installation, it will cost more due to excavation. If you’re planning on having an above-ground installation, then you will need to consider a concrete slab addition, decking or additional support systems. Should you have any questions about installing a swim spa, make sure to contact your local hot tub dealer, as they will be able to assist you with this. Something else that plays a role in the size of your swim spa that might not initially come to mind is how tall you and your family members are. Say, for instance, most of your family is over 6 feet tall. Then investing in a swim spa at least 14 feet long is ideal, as a 10-foot long spa will likely not provide enough room for one to comfortably swim. Because if you’re investing in a swim spa for the whole family to enjoy, then you want to ensure that it can provide the right environment and space for them to do just that.  To learn more about finding the perfect swim spa for your home, download our free buyer’s guide.
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