What’s the Ideal Hot Tub Temperature?

Many benefits come along with being a hot tub owner. Known for their hydrotherapeutic properties, they help to relieve aches and pains and also reduce anxiety and stress. Just as they provide something unique to everyone, each person also requires something different. Many of us might be wondering what the best temperature is for a hot tub. Well, in all honesty, the best temperature depends on who you are and what you would consider the best to be. Many factors come into play for each person, from age and health to preferences. Knowing the best and safest temperatures for you and your family is one part of owning a hot tub. On average, the temperature range of a hot tub is anywhere from 90 to 104 degrees, and your ideal temperature will depend on various factors. 

The Best Summer Temperature:

As the seasons change, it’s likely that your hot tub temperature will, too. Many people like to keep their hot tubs or spas at 98-degrees, as this is the same temperature as our bodies. However, it’s also common to keep it at a lower temperature to still be refreshing, especially if you live in warmer climates. A lot of people will actually keep it in the low 90’s because of this reason.

The Best Winter Temperature:

Alternatively, many people like to raise the temperature come wintertime. Although it isn’t always necessary to do this, many people will increase the temperature, so there’s a bigger, more stark contrast. While some people want to feel nice and toasty in a tub of over 100 degrees as the air is cold and crisp around them, this isn’t always the ideal situation for everyone. It entirely depends on whether or not you like this feeling, and some people would rather turn their hot tub temperature down, so they feel less of a change.

Safety First:

It’s a good idea to figure out the best hot tub temperature for you and your needs, and this is based on things like your health and age. For example, if you have high or low blood pressure or any other medical concern, you should speak to your doctor before buying a hot tub. They will provide you with the information you need to figure out what the safest temperature is for you. 

The Elderly:

Speaking more to health issues, any older individual using a hot tub should also talk to their physician beforehand. Your doctor may recommend that warm water is better for you than very hot temperatures. It’s also wise to have a bottle of water handy at all times to stay hydrated.

For Kids & Pregnant Women:

Where children are involved, it’s important to keep your hot tub at no more than 95 degrees. It’s also suggested that kids should not be in a hot tub for longer than 15 minutes at one time. If you’re pregnant, it might go without saying that you should contact your doctor before going into any extreme temperatures. Pregnant women should ultimately never exceed temperatures of 100 degrees. In all, it’s crucial to limit the amount of time you spend in a hot tub or spa when pregnant.

The Best Temperature for Relaxing:

Many people believe the ideal temperature of a hot tub is between 100 to 102 degrees. While some people enjoy having it at the 98-degree mark, others might prefer keeping it a bit higher. As long as health or age are not involved, it’s just up to personal preference If you’re new to owning or using a hot tub, it’s a good idea to test out different temperatures to find the one that’s right for you. It’s also very common for people to find new favourites come the different seasons. So, what might have been ideal in the summer, won’t always be favourable in the winter. If you would like some help in choosing the right hot tub for you, please download our free buyer’s guide, or visit us at our hot tub store.
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