Where Can I Put A Hot Tub in My Garden?

When you are looking for a spot to install your outdoor hot tub, know they can be placed practically anywhere. What there needs to be is a leveled and strong base, as well as a proper electrical supply. For example, many people dream of having a hot tub in their beautiful garden. Often displayed in landscaping magazines or friends and families homes, a garden is a popular location choice. If you are wondering about putting a hot tub in your own garden, continue reading to discover some great ideas to get you started.

Stone Accent

Using similar stones can provide a beautiful rustic look on the ground patio placed under the sleek walls of a hot tub. Your hot tub will seamlessly blend into your outdoor garden, gently accented with some vibrant plants, maybe a few potted shrubs, or even some mulch. To finish it off add a lounge chair or two and a footrest. It will be the perfect spot to relax after a soak.


Your garden may embrace simplicity with just a few small plants. So why not add a freestanding hot tub? It will still look fantastic and you can cover the walls of your hot tub with a beautifully stained wood. Complete the look with a bench or small seating area constructed out of similar material. If you are really looking to upgrade the area, add a patio umbrella or small shelf to store fresh towels or bathrobes for bathers.


When it comes to built-in installations, there are plenty of options. If you are looking for the perfect outdoor summer oasis, start with some smooth stonework, a vibrant garden, maybe a cabana or hammock to really bring it all home. If you are fortunate enough to have a deck or patio with beautiful view of your garden, a built-in installation is the perfect discreet ways to add some beauty amongst the outdoor foliage.

Fire Pits

Hot tubs are made for those who want to relax or entertain year-round. So, when the temperature drops, this is no reason to abandon your hot tub. Bring in a fire pit or two to your garden to keep everyone warm whether they are enjoying the spa or not. This can only add to an enjoyable evening with friends and family as you break out the hot chocolate and marshmallow roasts.

Tropical Cabana

Cut the travel expenses and bring the topics to your garden. Surround your hot tub with beautiful foliage and large green plants to add some privacy to your outdoor hot tub area. A structured cabana or few bright hammocks can really allow for that tropical experience to take off.

Ultimately, your hot tub has tons of flexibility when it comes to deciding where it goes best in your outdoor garden. Let your imagination run wild with to create the perfect oasis. No matter your garden, simplicity or lush plants to surround yourself with is the perfect way to add some enjoyment while you take care of your health and wellness over the years.

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