Where do I Buy Hot Tub Filters?

Fresh and clean water in a hot tub isn’t only desirable, it could mean the difference between a pleasant soak and one that makes you sick. Your two main lines of defence against pathogenic water are hot tub chemicals and hot tub filters. In this article, we’re going to concentrate on the filters. You might be asking questions like, “Where do I buy hot tub filters? How do they work?” or “How long do they last?” The answers to these questions and more can be found below.

Where Do I Buy Hot Tub Filters?

Probably the best place to buy hot tub filters is from your local dealer. They’ll be instantly accessible; you’ll be directed towards the correct models and the salespeople will be able to answer any of your questions or give you advice on cleaning and making them last as long as possible. Another option is to buy them online. And while this can be a totally legitimate source of hot tub filters, you’re a little more on your own and you’ll have to educate yourself when it comes to getting the correct model. The upside of buying online is that it might be possible to get your filters somewhat cheaper and it’ll save you a trip to your closest hot tub dealer.

What Are Hot Tub Filters Made Of?

There are four main types of hot tub filters regularly found on the market. The most popular are known as cartridge filters. The filter material itself is typically composed of paper or some sort of fabric, such as polyester. It’s housed in a plastic cartridge which makes for easy installation and removal. Some cartridge filters contain ceramics that allow them to last longer than those that use paper or fabric. Other filter types use sand or diatomaceous earth to capture dirt, debris and other particles.

How Do Hot Tub Filters Work?

The way that hot tub filters work is actually quite simple. Water is sucked out of the hot tub through water intake valves by the water pump and passed through the filtration system. As the water passes through the filters, particulates are trapped in the filter material before it continues on through the heating system and back into the hot tub. By removing particulate matter, the hot tub is able to run more efficiently, the water becomes clearer and fewer hot tub chemicals are needed.

How Do You Maintain Hot Tub Filters?

Hot tub filter maintenance is divided into three main steps: regular cleaning, deeper cleaning, and eventual replacement. You should regularly clean cartridge filters every month. This requires removing them from their housing and spraying them down with a garden hose. Sand and diatomaceous earth filters require backwashing, which is simply reversing the flow of the water to flush out the accumulated dirt and debris. A pressure gauge will tell you when this is necessary. Deeper cleaning of cartridge filters should take place approximately every year or whenever you drain the hot tub. This requires soaking them in a cleaning solution. As for replacement, it depends on the type of filter you’re using, how dirty or damaged they are, and how often the hot tub gets used. Regular paper or fabric cartridge filters should be replaced every two to three years while ceramic cartridges can last up to six years. Sand and diatomaceous earth filters can last much longer than that, but their effectiveness begins to wane after six or seven years or so.

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