Why Is My Hot Tub Water Green?

If you are planning to enjoy a soak in your hot tub, you, of course, anticipate for the water to be clean. To enjoy a good soak the water must be transparent, and it should be hygienic. If the water is unclean, you and anyone else in the tub can become ill from its unsanitary conditions. Should you notice an unpleasant green color in your hot tub, avoid going into the water. Green water is typically an indication that the chemicals in the water are no longer in balance and must be changed. To ensure that your hot tub remains at its best all water chemicals must be in harmony. Any discrepancy can result in green or discolored water, and you must act promptly to restore its balance.

Leading Causes Of Green Hot Tub Water

Chemical Imbalance

If you are an avid user of your hot tub, consider adding a sufficient amount of chlorine to it. Everyday use of your hot tub can affect the balance of chemicals in your tub. To maintain the sanitation of your hot tub, this is imperative. You can help to eliminate water issues by keeping the hot tub clean, filters unblocked, and an adequate amount of chemical solutions in the water.

Iron, Copper & Manganese

If you notice that the water in your tub is green and non-slimy, it is likely that minerals are present in your water. When metals such as iron, manganese or copper are introduced, unfriendly colors such as green can appear. Heat exchangers and pipes comprised of copper can change the color of the water. When they begin to oxidize, a reaction is produced in the water causing it to turn green. The metal and chemicals in your water counter one another and the result is discolored water. Copper, if already present in your central water, can be carried into your hot tub. The same conditions also apply to iron. If added to your tub, the result is an adverse color. Manganese, another form of metal can influence the sanitation of your water and impact its color. The result is usually a hue of black or brown. To combat the presence of any metals or impurities in your tub, consider adding more chemicals and clearing out your filter.


Algae is one of the most common reasons for green hot tub water. These organisms can find their way into your hot tub through dirty filters, lack of chemicals in the water, or if they have hitched a ride on the water suit of someone that is in your tub. Overall there are a number of ways they can present themselves. Dark green water is a visible indication that algae are in your water. To eliminate them, it is vital that your tub is completely drained, and that the interior is completely washed and wiped down. Cleaning the filter and adding appropriate solutions to your hot tub once re-filled should eradicate their presence.

No Hot Tub Cover

Without a proper covering, your hot tub is susceptible to various particles and impurities that can affect the water in your tub. It is imperative that a durable, well fitted cover is in place to eliminate dirt and debris from entering which can cause discoloration and an unclean hot tub. Having one in place will maintain the cleanliness of your hot tub. To learn more about hot tub maintenance and how to care for your water, download a hot tub buyer’s guide, or visit us at our hot tub store.
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