Why is Pool Exercise Preferred to Exercising in a Gym?

Everyone has their favourite type of workout. For some it’s tying on the skates and hitting the ice, others prefer to go to the gym and pump iron. Still, others would rather lay down a yoga mat and stretch out their body. However, all these workout methods require you to carry the full weight of your body while performing the exercise. If you’re wondering why is pool exercise preferred to exercising in a gym, read this article to hear various arguments.

Reduce Your Body Weight

Pool and swim spa exercise isn’t a miracle weight loss treatment, but just getting in the water will reduce the weight that your body has to carry. This is due to water’s buoyant properties. Buoyancy creates an upward force that opposes the weight of your body when you get into the water. This reduces the pressure exerted on your bones and joints. For those who suffer from arthritis, bone problems or other issues associated with body weight, working out in a pool can provide a good alternative to the gym.

Enjoy Low Impact Exercise

Water’s buoyancy also acts to reduce the amount of impact resulting from walking, running or other movements which can be painful when performed on dry land. You’ll still be able to do most of the same movements as you would in a gym, but without the pressure created by gravitational forces out of the water. Low impact exercises can be very beneficial to senior citizens, pregnant women and those who suffer from bone and joint pain.

Resistance Training

You can create extra resistance when working out underwater by increasing the force and speed of your motions. The harder and faster you push underwater, the more resistance your body will experience. This allows you to tailor your workout to match your strength without the need for any extra equipment or accoutrements.

Full-Body Workouts

Swimming is a great way to challenge and work out your whole body at the same time without the need for going to the gym. For those who have access to a swim spa, you don’t even need a lot of space to get in a full-body workout. If you want to take things beyond swimming you can incorporate exercises such as squats, lunges, kicks and running in place. These types of water aerobics are great for people with back, bone or joint problems.

Accessible Exercise

For those who have a swim spa on their property, a workout is as easy as changing into a bathing suit. No longer will you have to get yourself to the gym, pay monthly membership fees and stand in line to perform your favourite exercises. A home swim spa will make working out easily accessible.

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