Why is there a Shortage of Hot Tubs?

When the pandemic hit, everything around the world was affected in one way or another. When looking at the hot tub and spa industry, the production was less, and the demand became more. Because so many people were unable to travel, creating an oasis at home was the next best thing for most of us. Many renovations took place, and the addition of spas and hot tubs became very popular for creating the perfect environment to relax and unwind. Even though there might be fewer available options now due to the demand, here’s what you need to know if you’re looking to add one to your home.

When Should You Buy a Hot Tub?

You might think that considering all of the changes within recent years, the best time to buy a hot tub will be different now than before. However, there isn’t one right or wrong time to buy, but rather, it’s whenever the best time is for you. What are you hoping to get out of owning a hot tub? What are the benefits you’d like to receive? What’s your budget or timeframe you have to work with? Many factors will influence this decision. One of the incredible benefits of hot tubs or spas is that they can be used throughout the year. This means they can also be bought at any point, whereas with something like a seasonal pool, the time you buy will be influenced by this.

Finding a Hot Tub Through the Shortage

When it comes to getting the best deals when buying a hot tub, the best time of the year will typically be from fall through winter. This has to do with the fact that many deals will be placed on in-stock hot tubs or floor models from that year’s collection. When the new arrivals come in for the following year, oftentimes, businesses will put a sale on older collections to make room for the new pieces. This also means that you will likely be able to get a hot tub right away because chances are these deals are placed on hot tubs that they physically have available to sell, rather than spas that will need to be ordered. Therefore, if you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to add a hot tub or spa to your home, then now’s as good a time as ever to see what deals are available!    Another way you can get an incredible hot tub at a discounted price is to simply reach out to the manufacturer or to visit a hot tub store in your area. It might not always be the case, but sometimes there will be spas with slight cosmetic damages that you can inquire about. If you don’t mind having an imperfect spa or hot tub or think it could be an easy fix, sometimes you will be able to get these pieces at a discounted rate. So regardless of whether there’s a shortage or low inventory, you might just be able to find a hot tub for your home now! Although this might not be the case for all businesses, it certainly can’t hurt to reach out and see if there are certain pieces in stock. If you’re not set on what make or model you want, you can also call around to different locations or directly to the manufacturer itself to see what type of inventory they might have. It’s likely they can help assist you in finding a hot tub that’s in stock or give you an estimated timeframe of when more will be available. It makes sense why there has been such an increase in the demand for hot tubs, spas, or other means of home renovations and additions when it comes down to it. A spa is the perfect addition to any home and can turn it into your very own oasis. But, if you’re not able to find one right away, we advise you not to be discouraged! To learn more about finding the right hot tub for you, download our free buyer’s guide or visit us at our hot tub store and feel free to reach out to us today to inquire about the hot tubs we have available.
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