Will a Swim Spa Help Arthritis?

The symptoms of arthritis are a challenging and painful condition to live with. Arthritis sufferers need a way to remain active and flexible and owning a swim spa is an excellent solution. Below, we will discuss a few of the ways that swim spas can help reduce the symptoms and severity of arthritis and the frequency of flare-ups.

Better Circulation

Many times, people can find swimming as an exercise boring because of having to continuously do laps and turn around. With a swim spa, users can swim in a continuous motion against a current and set the levels to make the workout as challenging as needed to suit them. Being in the water of a swim spa alone will improve the body’s circulation and blood flow, which is helpful in reducing and minimizing arthritic pain. As we age, joints suffer from regular wear and tear and just relaxing in the swim spas warm waters helps to relieve muscles of tension and eases stress on the joints. The ambient water temperature partnered with therapeutic massage jets, gently soothe, massage and relax muscles which helps to reduce pain.

In addition to circulation, the lymphatic system, which is an essential tool in our body that assists with waste elimination and detoxification is stimulated by the relaxing flow of a swim spa water.

Increased Strength and Flexibility

For individuals that have been unable to exercise regularly due to pain from arthritis and immobility, swim spas are a fantastic choice. Exercises that incorporate low impact swim spa weights, resistance bands or even deep stride walking help to increase muscle tone, flexibility, and core strength. Exercises can be performed in a swim spa and do not put unnecessary strain on joints. Another benefit is that swimming against the swim spa current helps improve breathing, which enables your cardiovascular system to function better.

To try deep water walking as part of your exercise routine, follow these steps:

  • Stand in the middle of the swim spa with your shoulders back, chest lifted and arms bent slightly to each side. Slowly take a stride, your heel should land first, followed by the ball of your foot until your entire foot rests flat on the swim spa’s floor.
  • Take several steps forward as if walking on land. Alternate between walking forward, sideways and backward until you are back to your starting position and repeat.

When you are exercising in a swim spa, always remember to keep hydrated and have a bottle of water nearby.

Less Weight

Bearing weight on ankles, hips, and knees for extended periods of time can worsen symptoms for most arthritis sufferers. With so many other types of exercise such as treadmills or cycling, there is a high impact level to the joint. When in the swim spa’s water, the buoyancy reduces the weight load and impact on your joints while still providing a very effective workout. Your body does not bear weight in the water and water actually provides 12 times the resistance of air, making it an optimal form of exercise to build muscle and strength.

To find out more about the many health benefits that swim spas have to offer, download the swim spa buyer’s guide below, or visit us at our swim spa store.

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